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Travelling: It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller

Cliff diving – 7 best cliff diving locations in the world

Orlando Duque helped Red Bull list the 7 best cliff diving spots in the world Phi Phi Don, Krabi, Thailand Poco do Diablo in Chapada Diamantina,...

Aurora Borealis Colors Explained

Watch the video and understand the basics of the amazing variety of aurora colors https://www.facebook.com/visitsenja/videos/1916058752053878/

Aaron Green from USA “shoot” the most amazing images of the Milkyway

Biography Astrophotography, Milky Way and Fine Art Photography by Artist Aaron J. Groen based out of South Dakota, USA If you want to learn more about...

Anders Hanssen is proud being no.1 user of Canon Me20F-SH

The sky’s the limit! Amazing aurora borealis footage revealed   September 2015 AURORA Skycam, a German film company with an office in Norway, specialises in streaming and...

Machu Pichu looking so amazing covered by the sun

Ancient Inca City of Machu Picchu illuminated by sun. Ruins of Incan Lost city in Peruvian jungle. UNESCO World Heritage site, Peru, South America.   Machu...

Watching orcas in the wild – ALOT better than captivity

CNN wrote that killer whale calf was born mid April at SeaWorld San Antonio in Texas, marking the last one birthed in captivity at...

The Guardian wrote a great article about Senja Island

Article from The Guardian: Senja Island slice of English summer for low single digits on a four-day cycle tour of the Norwegian island of Senja....

The Eagle chick left the nest after 80 days – NORWEGIAN TEXT

NORWEGIAN FOLLOWERS Under ett døgn etter at han tok sine første vingetak opp til ei grein høyere opp i reirtreet, forlot Solo redet. Det skjedde...
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