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Tromsø, Norway
Thursday, February 27, 2020

Hiking in Senja Island – Norway

Senja Island - Norway   The steep mountains plunging deep into the ocean are a breathtaking sight and the most prominent feature of this stretch. The...

Spectacular Norway

Spectacular Norway filmed this epic footage - Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to see more amazing stuff.   If you haven't been to Norway we...

Svalbard has such amazing landscape

Svalbard (Norwegian pronunciation: ; prior to 1925 known by its Dutch name Spitsbergen, meaning "jagged mountains") is a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean. Situated...

Whales are hopefully back in arctic soon

Anyone ready for a whale safari ?

8. September – Best show of the season

This is by far the best show of the season Dancing all over the sky The intensity of the aurora was just stunning - I hardly...