Hiking in Senja Island – Norway

Senja Island – Norway


The steep mountains plunging deep into the ocean are a breathtaking sight and the most prominent feature of this stretch. The road is narrow here and there as it twists and turns along fjords with crystal clear, icy-cold waters. So cold that no matter how inviting the beaches with their pure white coral sand appear, going for a swim is only for the hardiest among us. At Bergsbotn you will find a viewing platform that lifts you above the magnificent surroundings, allowing you to look out over Bergsfjorden to the ocean in the background. The drive continues in a dramatic landscape on a road which is occasionally quite narrow and winding, and you will find tiny fishing villages and houses clinging to the most surprising spots. Senja reflects the robustness and hardship of a time when people had to survive on fishing and agriculture that yielded little, but the island also reveals a less harsh side with its sheltered fjord inlets. And above all, it is so beautiful that you will wonder why you haven’t found your way here before.



It’s not just the scenery that is special on Senja. The story-telling tradition is not something you can spot from your car window, but it is as rich as the landscape. Two of the best-known stories are Senjatrollet – the tale of the troll who was seen on both land and sea, and Mannen i Ausa – the story of how the Ausa mountain acquired a face as well as eyes. Amid the stunning scenery daily life was hard for those who lived here, and this is also reflected in the stories.




Senja is like an enormous playground for outdoor types who like a challenge. For everyone who wants to do hiking, paddling, diving or freeriding down steep hills, Senja is an eldorado. There are ample opportunities to explore nature. There are also less demanding activities that both big and small can find pleasure in. Find one of the many lovely beaches, follow the ebb of the water and run back when the waves crash into shore without being caught by the icy-cold water. Sometimes that’s all it takes to have fun.

Article written by http://www.nasjonaleturistveger.no/en/routes/senja

Husfjellet – Senja Island, Norway