We have one of the biggest and 100% organic social media networks, but more importantly some of the most active followers. Our strengths are that we understand algorithms and basic psychology regarding social marketing and content distribution. This give us the edge in building and maintaining a good and stable reach over time

Social Marketing

Listening to needs, focusing on brand as well as working purposefully and patiently over time are keys to success. In addition to this, collaboration with good influencers and being available- and also understanding your audience, is important for maximizing growth in social media

Content Distribution

Promoting content to your online audiences in multiple media formats through various channels based on strategy are very important. There are different target channels and they are normally separated like this: Owned, Earned, and Paid distribution


When you have a good strategy for social marketing and content distribution it is time to get your content visible. Now the different algorithms come to play. Understanding algorithms together with basic psychology and you are good to reach the high numbers

Better Numbers

Publishing videos and ads through our network gives your business higher direct video views that lead to higher organic visibility High engagement is key to success




Better visibility and engagement in social media can give you direct sales or direct bookings It will boost your social media plattform and can lead to higher revenue


We are starting building Instagram. Until now we have just used Instagram on a hobby basis but our strategy has changed a bit this year and Instagram will be included in our network

3 Million+ Followers

We own a strong FB network with over 3 Million+ active followers. In addition to this we have over 200.000 members in our different Facebook groups. Last 12 months we had over 800 million video views


We also collaborate with a big number of pages to boost your viewcount and maximize reach and engagement. This is done by cross-publishing and sharing content on pages that match your content

Facebook Portfolio

Currently we build 6/16 pages from our private owned Facebook portfolio, together with Instagram and many of our collaborate owned pages. These numbers vary from time to time depending on how many social media jobs we do for other companies. Our goal is always to help you grow as fast as possible. Make sure you contact us on FB, by email and read all info before you ask us to help you with your marketing channels. Click submit video from the top menu or send footage to us using WeTransfer - MAKE sure you read our non-exclusive agreement